TNA to UPC-IonSAT Node

Description of the infrastructure

UPC is a public Spanish University at Barcelona on technology.



UPC-IonSAT res. group has more than 30 years of experience in GNSS research (photogrammetry, new models for ionospheric modeling, space weather and precise positioning) including GNSS teaching (


6 multicore servers with a total of +100 Xeon processors, ~1 Tb of RAM and 50 Tb in hard disks, running 24/7 Real-Time (RT) intensive processing (e.g. RT ionospheric tomography from +200 GNSS worldwide receivers).


UNIX servers


Classrooms adapted for hybrid (in-person & online) teaching and dissemination.


Hybrid classrooms



Products, Models & Dissemination:

  • Final, rapid, RT and predicted Global Ionospheric Maps for IGS and ICAO,


  • GNSS-based solar flare indices and EUV flux rate estimation for ESA, and


  • inversion of challenging ionospheric radio-occultations for EUMETSAT. 


Experience in international teaching.


Areas of access

  • New combinations of Global and European Ionospheric Maps.

  • New improvements and applications of high rate Global Ionospheric Maps.

  • Improvements of GNSS proxy of solar EUV flux rate during flares.

  • Correlation of thermospheric and ionospheric parameters to study coupling mechanisms using ground-based and space-born (in situ and RO) data.

  • Model developments to improve GNSS positioning performance.



TNA to UPC-IonSAT Node info(downloadable pdf file)

Contact personDr Manuel Hernandez-Pajares (, Dr German Olivares-Pulido (