Innovation activities in PITHIA-NRF target at maximizing the socio-economic impacts of the investment made by the Horizon 2020 in Research Infrastructures.

It provides the opportunity mainly to the business and RTD sectors to involve in research activities and to put in place technology transfer activities. Especially SMEs should be empowered and stimulated to innovate, and to face, within a fair and competitive system, the competition of large international companies. However, this process involves a series of sensitive issues, and therefore the best compromise needs to be made among competitiveness, collaboration, open access policy and Intellectual Property Rights (IPR). In this context, PITHIA-NRF Research Infrastructure must clearly act as the bridge between the academia and the market sector. PITHIA-NRF Research Infrastructure, aims to adopt the EU innovation strategy in order to create an innovation-friendly environment that makes it easier for great ideas to be turned into products and services that will bring economic growth and jobs. PITHIA-NRF aims to be the facilitator for processes and solutions that advance the performance of situational awareness systems and lead to the development of innovative instruments for the monitoring of the upper atmosphere.

The PITHIA-NRF innovation activities lead to the integration of PITHIA-NRF research tools to future development plans of the business/industrial sector:

  • The innovation platform will provide support for the installation, calibration and validation of new instruments, encouraging especially SMEs to take benefit of this possibility.
  • The innovation management team will also work with SMEs, space agencies and organizations with R&D departments, to develop standard making process for software and high-level data products.

PITHIA-NRF innovation platform offers:

  • Standardization of data registration, discovery and access, based on the domain-specific ontology.
  • Standardization of scientific models’ registration, and delivery of high-level data products and workflow solutions for research, development and innovation.
  • Standardization of policies for the optimized operation of experimental facilities.
  • Subsidized trans-national access (TNA) to research facilities for academics and SMEs ensuring a continuous cooperation and interaction with data providers and scientists.
  • E-science tools to support R&D projects, while ensuring compliance with FAIR criteria.
  • Innovative solutions for software development, for high-level data products definition and for the development and deployment of new experimental facilities.


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