High Profile Meetings

Two High Profile Meetings will be organised, which are aimed at PITHIA-NRF users, the wider science community, industrial stakeholders and policy makers.

The High Profile Meetings intend to provide an attractive platform to exchange and present results, to develop new ideas and to network with other data providers, model developers and e-infrastructures.

The participation of representatives of large organisations from all over the world, working on developing products and services for protecting critical systems from solar influences, and their interaction with the Consortium will make sure that PITHIA-NRF development follows the latest state of the art, making possible the interoperability with other complementary systems developed worldwide and improving the usability of its services. 


PITHIA-NRF organised the First High Profile Meeting (HPM#1) on Tuesday 14 March 2023. The event was held at the Brussels Planetarium, Belgium and it was hybrid.

You can find more about the First High Profile Meeting here.


PITHIA-NRF organises the Second High Profile Meeting (HPM#2) on Friday 14 March 2025. The event will be held in Heraklion, Crete, Greece.

You can find more about the First High Profile Meeting here.