Training Schools

The training towards external scientific users will make PITHIA-NRF project outward looking with the organisation of two Training Schools (TS). The Schools will offer theoretical lectures on the physical mechanisms acting in the Earth’s Ionosphere, the Thermosphere and the Plasmasphere as parts of the coupled Sun-Earth system. Courses on the main scientific models registered in PITHIA-NRF will be also provided. Practical courses will be organized to train the students on the use of the PITHIA-NRF integration tools, implementing experiments on quality control and data submission procedures. Advanced users can learn how to use the KREL component and the EGI Notebooks to experiment on modeling advances. Both schools are addressed to research scientists of all levels and engineers.


It is planned to take place in month 22 of the project.


It is planned to take place in month 34 of the project.