PITHIA-NRF gathers together a wide and complementary consortium composed of 22 members and 2 third parties from 13 European Union Member States and the United Kingdom.

These partners have been selected on the basis of the adequacy of their infrastructures to meet the aims of the starting community, the excellence of their RIs and track record of their scientific research, their shared willingness not only to create a rather unique network of RIs, but also to strive towards a common long-term vision. Accordingly, PITHIA-NRF brings together some of the most prominent European players in the field of the upper atmosphere research, as well as EGI and UOW that will supply vital expertise required to create the specific features of the PITHIA-NRF network. Importantly, most of the partners have already worked with one or more of the other PITHIA-NRF partners within the framework of previous collaborative research projects.