Evaluation Criteria and Advice for Applicants

Evaluation Criteria in use by the Review Committees and advice for Applicants


To be eligible for the participation in the PITHIA-NRF TNA programme following conditions apply:

  • Application should be to a NODE outside of the country of affiliation of the Applicant.
  • The Applicant should have no other possibility to gain access to the NODE. For example, an applicant that would be allowed to access and use of the NODE through the NODE’s ordinary channels, like observation time offered to participating countries, will not be eligible for TNA access through the PITHIA-NRF network.
  • No professional (paid) connection should exist with the PITHIA-NRF project.
  • The applicant should be able to disseminate the results of the research.
  • There should be no missing obligatory information in the application.


  • Extent of Physical access is limited to one working week. The extent of Remote access timewise is also one working week but distributed through weekly session during a month (this arrangement can be discussed with relevant NODE). Carefully consider the extent of your project for it to be feasible for this time frame.
  • The project has to be deemed technically and logistically feasible by the NODE. If in doubt, contact the NODE ahead of submitting your application to discuss feasible options.

Scientific potential of the proposal

  • The Project’s scientific potential will be evaluated by a review committee, and it has to present scientifically sound and comprehensive ideas.

Requirements during application process

Except of the details about you and project Title and Abstract you will be requested to submit a text file (preferably a pdf) during the application process. The file should contain the scientific objectives and technical description of the work to be performed. It should describe your project, outline the goals and work to be performed and the expected involvement/contribution of the requested NODE(s) (i.e. what kind of data, observations or support you would require from the NODE(s) in order to be able to realise your objectives).

The file has a limit of four A4 pages (including pictures). Please note that any pages that exceeds the limit will not be considered in the evaluation and the maximum file size is 20 MB.

Additional notes

  • Preference is given to candidates from EU+ countries but it is not restricted to them.
  • We are welcoming projects that bring not just new ideas but also attract new users to enter our community.
  • Financial support for travel is limited based on the travel requirements from within EU+ countries. If applicants from more distant places are applying for physical access they might be in need of other support source.
  • Support for the project in case of questions, problems with analysis after the access period as well as necessary training/information before the actual access, is given for a period of 6 months from the decided start of the project date with the relevant NODE.