Fourth TNA Call

The Fourth TNA Call has been closed.

PITHIA-NRF launches its fourth call to provide effective and convenient access to the best European research facilities for observations of the upper atmosphere, including the plasmasphereionosphere and thermosphere. The access is organised through the Trans-National Access (TNA) programme, and provides an opportunity for researcher and other users to execute and carry out their own projects at one of the twelve PITHIA-NRF research facilities. You can get information on the PITHIA-NRF Nodes here and view details on PITHIA-NRF assets by accessing the PITHIA-NRF Knowledge Book here.

The call is running from 15 January 2023 until 15 June 2023. It is an Open Call and applications will be handled as they arrive to streamline the timelines of the projects.

The PITHIA-NRF nodes provide access to key experimental and data processing facilities for studies and modelling of physical processes acting in the Earth’s plasmasphere, ionosphere and thermosphere. The facilities connected to the nodes are geographically distributed over Europe, as well as internationally, and their expertise and dedication span over a wide range of topics within the research area. This variety of expertise and techniques, all with the purpose to study specific parts of the ionosphere-thermosphere-plasmasphere (ITP), allows for a common ground and a platform for a better understanding of the many different complex couplings and interactions within ITP as well as between ITP and the magnetospheric/space environment.

Users can request either physical access (one-week visit at the node with support at site) or remote access (one month access from distance with weekly support). Users with granted projects will learn how to work with the facilities during the full access cycle, from setting up a campaign, to collection, analysis and finally exploitation of data with the help of tools and services provided by PITHIA-NRF via the e-science center. For virtual access - typically referring to access to data and digital tools - there are no restrictions to the number of simultaneous users, and no selective process is needed.

Access can be requested by scientific users from academia, Small and Medium Enterprises, large companies and public organizations by propose a scientific project and fill in the online application form.

Information regarding the application process, requirements and commitments are presented and described here.

Contact: TNA Support Centre (