PITHIA-NRF aims at developing a new mentality in the data collection and analysis, models development and validation in the domain of the upper atmosphere research in Europe leading to intense and advance scientific production. The community will receive systematic training on the new integration tools, on the access policies, on the set up and organization of new stations and on the use of the e-science tools that will facilitate research developments and hopefully research advances.

Five Training for Partners Workshops will be organized. This close interaction among the partners will support the development of e-Science Centre functionalities that meet the needs of the research community. Also, selected courses from the PITHIA-NRF training activities, demonstrating the use of key integration tools, are available in the form of webinars.

The training towards external scientific users will make PITHIA-NRF project outward looking with the organization of two Training Schools. Selected courses from the First and Second Training Schools are available in the form of webinars, in order to provide knowledge tools to the research users and the reference community.