Main tasks

The University of Twente will lead Task 3.4 of WP3, organizing outreach activities targeting an audience specialized in space and atmospheric research, and aiming to inform them and attract their interest on this specific research field. Demonstration experiments will be set up to explain key physical processes such as the formation of auroral arcs and the HF communication principles. 

Using existing equipment, the UTWENTE will develop experiments that demonstrate the importance of the PITHIA-NRF for High Frequency (HF) radio communications research. They will also be used to reach out to the humanitarian community that uses HF radio intensively. 

Outreach activities at university summer schools and large scientific fairs may include experiments that have a high potential to attract public attention such as involving the International Space Station and using novel low-cost observational equipment of citizens science projects in cooperation with the amateur radio community (e.g. the personal space weather station).