Relevant Projects

PRISMS (ANR ASTRID) project (2020-onwards) - PI: Aurélie Marchaudon. Project devoted to the prediction of perturbations of Radiowave in the Ionosphere in response to Solar and Magnetospheric Stimuli.

EUHFORIA (H2020) project (2019-onwards) - PI: Stefan Poedts (KU Leuven), French coordinator: Aurélie Marchaudon. Project aiming at developing the world’s most advanced space weather forecasting tool.

Virtual Space Weather Modelling Centre Scientific (VSWMC) Advisory Team, ESA project (2016-2018) - Pierre-Louis Blelly was a team member and provide the TRANSCAR ionosphere model to the VSWMC.

Europlanet 2020 RI, H2020 Project (2015-2019) - Pierre-Louis Blelly and Aurélie Marchaudon as participants provided ionosphere models for Mars, Venus, Earth, Jupiter and Saturn (TRANSPLANET) for online runs in the frame the Virtual Access Service, “Planetary Space Weather

Advanced Thermosphere Modelling for Orbit Prediction (ATMOP), FP7 Project (2011-2013) - Aurélie Marchaudon as participant has developed new magnetic indices and identified the better indices to constrain thermosphere models.