Dr Pierre-Louis Blelly

Dr Pierre-Louis Blelly is a permanent CNRS researcher at IRAP (Toulouse, France). He is graduated from Ecole Polytechnique and Ecole Nationale Supérieure de l’ Aéronautique et de l’ Espace. He is a specialist in numerical modelling of terrestrial ionosphere and developed numerous models, the TRANSCAR/IPIM family models, which are now acknowledged as reference models for the study of the high latitude ionosphere. He got a strong experience in mathematical aspects of multi-moment, multi-fluid modelling of planetary environments. He developed a strong expertise in coupling models of various kinds for improving capabilities of ionospheric models to quantitatively simulate the dynamics of the ionosphere: kinetic/fluid, electrodynamics/fluid. He developed analysis techniques (and eventually correction) of various kind of experimental data (particle spectrometers, optical measurements, incoherent scatter data, …) by using sophisticated numerical models of the ionosphere, and in their interpretation in the framework of atmosphere-ionosphere-magnetosphere couplings.