Relevant Projects

Galileo Research Center (GRC), European Commission (GSA) via GMV Spanish company, 2017-2020: Providing the software TOMIONv1 for generating post-processed Global Ionospheric Maps (GIMs).

TEC4SpaW, ICAO via ESSP French company, 2019-2021: Providing real-time and predicted GIMs.

COSTO, ESA via UWM, 2019-2020: Potential detection of tsunami signatures within LEO SWARM constellation measurements.

Space Weather for the Mediterranean, ESA via UAH, 2019-2020: Critical assessments of the Space Weather monitoring and warning requirements in the Mediterranean region.

MoNEWIC, ESA/GSA via DLR, 2019-2021: Monitoring of different ionospheric activity parameters.