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5 selected publications during the 10 years track-record, 2009-2019, in decreasing order of number of citations (on 13 Aug 2019):

P1: Hernández-Pajares, M., Juan, J. M., Sanz, J., Orus, R., Garcia-Rigo, A., Feltens, J., ... & Krankowski, A. (2009). The IGS VTEC maps: a reliable source of ionospheric information since 1998. Journal of Geodesy, 83(3-4), 263-275, External citations: 519 (from 554).

P2: Hernández-Pajares, M., Juan, J. M., Sanz, J., Aragón-Àngel, À., García-Rigo, A., Salazar, D., & Escudero, M. (2011). The ionosphere: effects, GPS modeling and the benefits for space geodetic techniques. Journal of Geodesy, 85(12), 887-907, External citations: 103 (from 126).

P3: Hernández‐Pajares, M., Juan, J. M., Sanz, J., & Aragón‐Àngel, A. (2012). Propagation of medium scale traveling ionospheric disturbances at different latitudes and solar cycle conditions. Radio Science, 47(6), External citations: 41 (from 53).

P4: Hernández-Pajares, M., Roma-Dollase, D., Krankowski, A., García-Rigo, A., & Orús-Pérez, R. (2017). Methodology and consistency of slant and vertical assessments for ionospheric electron content models. Journal of Geodesy, 91(12), 1405-1414, External citations: 28 (from 36).

P5: Hernández‐Pajares, M., Aragón‐Ángel, À., Defraigne, P., Bergeot, N., Prieto‐Cerdeira, R., & García‐Rigo, A. (2014). Distribution and mitigation of higher‐order ionospheric effects on precise GNSS processing. Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth, 119(4), 3823-3837, External citations: 18 (from 27).