Dr Manuel Hernández-Pajares

Manuel Hernández-Pajares was born in Valverde de Leganes, Badajoz (Spain) in 1962. He got his Ph.D. in Physics and Astronomy in 1990 at "Universitat de Barcelona" (UB). He is presently a Full Professor at the "Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya" (UPC), Barcelona, Spain. He is working on Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) since 1989, at the Cartographic Institute of Catalonia, ICC, at such a time. Since 1994, he has focused in new algorithms for precise ionospheric sounding and GNSS navigation. He has been the chair and product coordinator of the International GNSS Service (IGS) Ionosphere WG since 2002 until 2007, and the Principal Investigator of three dozens of international scientific projects won in competitive calls, among participating in few tens of additional projects. He has published more than 100 papers in peer reviewed international journals, most of them in first and second quartiles of impact factor; and he is co-authoring 2 national and 3 international patents presented in several countries with activity in Space and two GPS processing books. Up to February 2020, his publications have received around 5000 citations, with h- and i10- indices of 35 and 87, respectively. He has been advisor or co-advisor in 9 Ph.D. Thesis dissertations. He has been associate editor in IEEE-TGARS, Radio Science, Space Weather and Journal of Geodesy. He has co-organized the International Beacon Satellite Symposium meeting in 2010 at Barcelona and he has been Expert Advisor of the European Space Agency in the GNSS Scientific Advisory Group (GSAC) since 2012 to 2017. He has been invited lecturer in post-graduate international courses on GNSS Ionospheric Mapping (UCAR-Univ. Colorado, 2004), Space Weather (German Space Agency, DLR, Germany, 2016), Real-time Ionospheric Determination, Precise Agriculture and Seismic-Tsunami signatures on the School of SIRGAS Geocentric Reference System for the Americas (Argentina, 2018), on Presidente Prudente Univ., and on INPE, (both in Brazil, 2018) and on National Centre for Physics (NCP, Pakistan, 2018).  He created the new research group, UPC-IonSAT, in Nov. 2013.

Manuel Hernández-Pajares is the responsible in PITHIA-NRF of the UPC-IonSAT node, contributing in particular to the dissemination of the techniques on Rapid, Near Real-Time and Real-Time Global Ionospheric Maps, including the multiGNSS ones, with an allocation of 40% of fulltime employment is expected.