Prof. EijaTanskanen

Prof. Eija Tanskanen is a director of Sodankylä Geophysical Observatory of Oulu university. She received a Ph.D. in 2002 on auroral substorms and their energetics. Tanskanen has an extensive background in the analysis of the Sun-Earth connection by using a full spectrum of space-borne measurements from the Sun and solar wind down to the ground. The SGO team leader has acted as a professor of space physics in University of Bergen 2006-2012, and has been a visiting professor at Aalto university since 2016. 

Tanskanen has leadership experience as a leader of magnetic team in the Centre of Excellence ReSoLVE (2014-2019), head of G-EPOS geomagnetic infra which is part of the national infrastructure road map FIN-EPOS and ESFRI road map EPOS. The applicant has studied geomagnetic activity for over one and half decades, and found that main part of the magnetospheric and ionospheric activity is driven by upstream solar wind conditions (Kallio et al., 2000; Tanskanen et al. 2017a and b) and that interplanetary high-speed streams best modulate high-latitude geomagnetic activity (Tanskanen et al., 2005). The applicant is a pioneer in developing automated search engines for space physics (Tanskanen et al., 2005 & 2011; Tanskanen, 2009), which were at that time more commonly used in biology (Durbin et al., 1998). The major community works include ministerial space advisor (2009-2010), ILP committee member (since 2016), ESA/SSA user representative and SV-II expert (2013-2015), COST ES-1005 action member, WP co-leader, editorial board member in Geophysical Research Letters and editorial ship in journal Space Weather and Space Climate.

Eija Tanskanen is the head of the SGO team and she contributes to all WPs with the 10% contribution of full-time employment.