Main tasks

SGO is responsible on providing data to the PITHIA-NRF system and organization of the General Assembly, WOOS4 and ID3. The data produced include pulsation magnetometer data, KAIRA measurements and riometer data. SGO participates into the Work packages WP1-8. 

WP1 (NA): Task 1.4 and M1.7 (T37), Optimization of observing strategies including organization of Workshop on Optimization of observing strategies (WOOS4).

WP2 (NA): Task 2.1 Training.

WP3 (NA): Task 3.2 Community building including Socioeconomic impact study by students. Task 3.4 Communication activities including Open Days. Task 3.5 Exploitation activities.

WP4 (NA): Task 4.3 Exchange of expertise. Innovation Day 3 will be organized at SGO at the end of the project to discuss results from the hardware calibration and validation projects implemented within the course of the PITHIA-NRF.

WP5 (JRA1): e-science center.

WP6 (JRA2): Task 6.1, Deploying interoperability components.

WP7 (TNA): Providing access to SGO node data, M7.1-7.3 (M3&6).

WP8: Organization of General Assembly 3, D8.4 (T36).