Relevant Projects

EPN-2024-RIH2020-INFRAIA-2019-1H2020871149 Europlanet 2024 Research Infrastructure.

LOFAR4SWH2020-INFRADEV-2017-1H2020777442 LOFAR for Space Weather.

POPDATFP7-SPACE-2010-1FP7263240 Problem-oriented Processing and Database Creation for Ionosphere Exploration.

EU-COST ES0803 (Developing Space Weather Products and Services in Europe), 2009-2012.

EU-ESPAS Near-Earth Space Data Infrastructure for e-Science, 2011-2015.

EUROPLANET 2020 Research Infrastructure, 2015-2019.

ESA SSA Space Weather Expert Service Centres: Definition and Development 2015-2018.

ULISSEFP7-SPACE-2007-1 The USOCs KnowLedge Integration and dissemination for Space Science Experimentation

EU-e-content DIAS, “European Digital Upper Atmosphere Server”, 2004-2006.