Prof. Hanna Rothkaehl

Prof. Hanna Rothkaehl, Senior scientist, Head of Space Plasma Division in SRC PAS, graduated in 1981 from Warsaw University (astronomy), Ph.D. in physics (Institute of Geophysics of the Polish Academy of Sciences). Research scientist in the space plasma physics group of SRC 1982. Research topics include natural electromagnetic and electrostatic emissions generated in the near-Earth plasma environment, man-made radio noise, electromagnetic emissions and modifications of the ionospheric plasma conditions above seismic active regions and by thunderstorm activity, and the interaction between spacecraft and the surrounding plasma. Involved in the design and analysis of wave-plasma experiments flown on various Russian, European and American satellites She was involved (co-PI and PI ) in design and analyse of polish radio wave plasma experiment located in the ionosphere beginning from IK19 (1987), ACTIV (1989), APEX- MAGION-3 (1991), NASA Rocket (1992), CORONAS-I(1994), COMPAS 2 (2006), OBSTANOVKA (2013), RELEC (2014). She was also involved in analysis of the wave-plasma experiments located on the board FREJA CLUSTER and DEMETER satellite and she is working on the application of theoretical considerations to the study of space plasma effects for telecommunication purposes. Currently PI of the space borne radio experiment on JONOSOND-Laerte, she is Co-PI RPWI ( Radio Plasma Weave Investigation) instruments on ESA L-class JUICE mission (2022), Co-PI NCLE for Change’E-4 and Co-P DSL-P for Change’E-4 and PI of DFP instrument on F1 ESA Comet Interceptor mission. The member and founder of polish LOFAR consortium POLFAR and person responsible for the construction Borówiec LOFAR station. Member of ESA Space Weather Ionospheric Effects Topical Group, ESA Lunar working team. Recent work involves theoretical studies of space plasma effects on space plasma condition. This result can be used for Space Weather programme.  Involved in several international research programmes such as COST 251, COST 271 (leader of the Working Group on ionospheric turbulent plasma) COST 724 (Leader of working package COST 724, Radiation belts: particles and plasma waves), and recently COST ES0803 and COST MP1104. The Polish representative of ULISSE and POP-DAT FP7, LOFAR4SW project. Chair of Commission H polish national committee URSI, Convener "Space Weather" session on the General Assembly of the European Geophysical Union EGU 2012-2020. Organizer of several national and international conferences.