Infrastructure or equipment

SRC PAS operates and provides data from various infrastructures dedicated for studying and monitoring of ionospheric conditions. This includes LOFAR station PL610 at Borówiec, which is part of the International LOFAR Telescope. Infrastructure has been operating since 2015 with a LOFAR station schedule divided between working in the interferometric mode as part of International LOFAR Telescope and the local mode as a single instrument. The LOFAR network is international infrastructure previously designed for astronomical purposes, but with capabilities to serve as a unique tool for space weather studies. SRC PAS research using data obtained with LOFAR mainly focuses on Ionospheric topics.

SRC PAS also provides the data based gathered by the radio analyse located on the board of RELEC low orbiting satellite in the top-side ionosphere.  

The SRC PAS ionosonde is a fully digital signal processing circuit, which in transmitting and receiving parts allows for sophisticated modulation and advanced signal analysis. This can be used for measuring vertical drift of plasma and oblique sounding. The Warsaw ionosonde with Autoscala software performs typical tasks like monitoring foF2 frequency in automatic mode since 2007. The data from ionosonde are used in RWC Warsaw service

The SRC PAS also operates GNSS monitors of scintillation in Hornsund, Borówiec, and Warsaw. 

The PITHIA-NRF SRC PAS team operates H2PT infrastructure which provides ionospheric maps for Europe since 2018. The SRC PAS assimilated ionosphere model Helgeo2PT (H2PT) became operational, and has been used as a source of total electron content (TEC) maps for GALILEO monitoring. The model includes global navigation satellite system observations, bottom vertical and, if possible, oblique sounding. The H2PT is an empirical model, which means that TEC maps are restricted by data availability and mapping function efficiency. In 2019 the stability and performance of the model have been increased by development of new database schema in MongoDB environment.