Centrum Badan Kosmicznych is an institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences. It is the only institution in Poland whose activity is fully devoted to space research, a strongly interdisciplinary field integrating various aspects of pure science and its applications in physics, planetary and geosciences, and technology. Since its establishing in 1979 it has been conducting studies based on ground based monitoring and space experiments in the field of space physics and Solar System research, and physical and geodesic studies of planets and the Earth. SRC PAS participated in more than 70 space missions delivering scientific instruments and providing different parts of technological platforms. The recent ongoing mission is JUICE and Comet Interceptor. SRC PAS runs several ionospheric measurement facilities: ionosondes (Hornsund and Warsaw), riometers (Hornsund and Warsaw), GPS scintillation and TEC monitoring (Hornsund and Warsaw), LOFAR interferometer station (Borowiec). SRC PAS hosts the EGNOS RIMS station, and performs scientific research focused on GNSS and GALILEO improvement. SRC PAS is a member of POLFAR consortium and owner of LOFAR station in Borowiec. SRC PAS maintains SSA and SST scientific services within SSA SWE program and SST for European Consortium. Heliogeophysical Prediction Service Centre in SRC PAS since the beginning conducts Solar-Terrestrial monitoring and forecasting for the government and commercial space weather services with the status of the ISES’ Regional Warning Centre. SRC PAS is one of the Ionospheric Weather Expert Service Centre in ESA SSA programme. Its experience in studies and modelling of impact of space weather phenomena will be actively included in PECASUS Project. Particularly in HF, trans-ionospheric and satellite communications, and the ionospheric research.