Infrastructure or equipment

ORB scientists have access to an HPC cluster of nearly 3000 nodes dedicated to intensive scientific computations, with 4 PB storage for hosting data for scientific projects. With Belnet as partner, the network team manages a secure high-speed permanent connection to the GEANT2 network as well as to the internet.  Anonymous ftp servers (, cloud storage, video conferencing, back-sup systems, and Commercial scientific softwares such IDL, MATLAB are available for the users of the ORB.

The PITHIA-NRFROB team operates systems and data processing for monitoring the ionosphere, based on observations received from the European Permanent Network GNSS receivers.

The ORB-IONO products operates since 2012 ( and provides alerts and nowcasts for ionospheric conditions and solar activity impact on GNSS data quality. The ORB is also hosting the EUREF Permanent Network through Moreover, ORB organised the last 10 editions of the European Space Weather Week; is partner in the “SSCC” central node of the ESA Space Situational Awareness Program; hosts of the Solar Expert Service Center of the ESA Space Situational Awareness Program.