Relevant Projects

"MIRA: Detection, Monitoring and Modelling of Ionospheric Irregularities", Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities (MCIU), the State Research Agency (AEI) and the FEDER, 2019-2021, Project IP: Estefania Blanch, David Altadill, OE. 

"TechTIDE: Warning and Mitigation Technologies for Travelling Ionospheric Disturbances Effects", European Commission Horizon 2020, COMPET-Space Weather, GA 776011, 2017-2020, Coordinator: Anna Belehaki, NOA. 

"Net-TIDE: Pilot network for the identification of travelling ionospheric disturbances”, (Science for Peace and Security NATO 984894), 2014 - 2017, Project Director: Anna Belehaki, NOA. 

"SCIONAV: Improved Modelling of Short- and Long-Term Characteristics of Ionospheric Disturbances during Active Years of the Solar Cycle", European Space Agency (ESA-ITT 18214/15/NL/LvH), 2015-2017, Project Manager: José Barbosa, RDA. 

"AROMA: Automated Remote Observatory as a Monitor of geomagnetic and ionospheric activity for geophysical studies and technological Applications", Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness CTM2014-52182-C3-1-P. 2014-2018, project IP: J.M Torta and JJ. Curto, OE. 

"SWING: Short Wave critical Infrastructure Network based on new Generation of high survival radio communication system", European Commission HOME/2010/CIPS/AGI026. 2012-2013, project head: Bruno Zolesi, INGV.