Dr Antoni Segarra

Dr Antoni Segarra is research scientist in the Research Group of Geomagnetic and Aeronomy in the Ebro Observatory. He received his BSc in Physics in 2005, his MSc in Geophysics in 2008. He obtained his PhD in Geophysics in 2014 from the University Ramon Llull. His main field of expertise is the monitoring and detection of rapid magnetic variations and ionospheric perturbations produced by Space Weather phenomena. He is contributing to MIRA project (detection, monitoring and modelling of Ionospheric irregularities PGC2018-096774-B-I00). He has contributed to TechTIDE project (Warning and Mitigation Technologies for Travelling Ionospheric Disturbances Effects EC, GA-776011). He has realized a post-doc stay at Data Analysis Center for Geomagnetism and Space Magnetism, Kyoto University. He is author/coauthor of 9 papers published into SCI. He has participated in more than 25 communications scientific meetings.