Main tasks

PITHIA-NRF OE team operates a DPS4D system for specific HF experiments probing the ionosphere and it host the largest ionospheric database in Spain, covering since 1955 to present. OE facilities, data and value-added products will support the operation of the OE node in PITHIA-NRF contributing to the TNA program (WP7). In addition, OE team will offer training to different users (WP2). OE will also contribute with several data sets, algorithms and ionospheric prediction models for registration in PITHIA-NRF e-science centre (WP5 and WP6) and will provide important contributions to the dissemination, exploitation and communication programme (WP3). 

The OE team have successfully contributed to international and EC projects for ionospheric specification and for identification, tracking and warning ionospheric disturbances providing related products in real time.