Infrastructure or equipment

OE operates an ionospheric sounder since 1955. In 2011 it was upgraded to a DPS4D and all data and products are accessible in near real time from In addition to the routine ionospheric measurements, the OE Digisonde performs oblique drift measurements in synchronous operation with other DPS4D systems for the detection of Doppler and angle of arrival perturbations inferred by TIDs. 

The PITHIA-NRF OE team also operates prototype warning system for monitoring and predicting ionospheric characteristics and their disturbances (hmF2 and DELTAhmF2) based on observations received
from the OEDPS4D system and spacecrafts at L1 vintage point: Moreover OE team have developed tools for identification, tracking and warning ionospheric disturbances providing related products in real time and making possible retrospective analysis of ionospheric irregularities and disturbances.