Dr Richard Fallows

Dr Richard Fallows is an Associate Scientist at ASTRON, was the Project Scientist and is now the System Architect for LOFAR4SW. His research interests lie in the scintillation of natural radio sources due to the solar wind and the ionosphere, fields in which he has co-authored papers in leading international journals.  For six years, he was also a telescope scientist for the LOFAR radio telescope, where he had responsibility for the day-to-day operation of the telescope and operated as an interface between telescope users, software developers and maintenance staff.  He has been instrumental in exploring the full capabilities of the LOFAR instrumentation, and instigating the development of operational modes, which are opening new avenues for scientific research.  He is a leading member of the Management Team for the LOFAR Solar and Space Weather key science project. Before joining ASTRON, he was a post-doctoral researcher and Scientific Officer with the Solar System Physics group at Aberystwyth University in Wales where he developed analysis software for solar wind scintillation data and implemented the solar wind scintillation experiment on radio telescope and ionospheric radar systems in the UK and Fenno-Scandinavia.

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