Dr Maaijke Mevius

Dr M. Mevius is a researcher at the R&D department of ASTRON. She has been involved in LOFAR data calibration with a focus on ionospheric calibration since 2006 and has contributed to several papers on ionospheric measurements using LOFAR data. She has gained deep understanding of the wide range of capabilities of the LOFAR system by her involvement in many LOFAR projects, ranging from investigating nanosecond timeseries data to detect cosmic rays, to beamformed data and deep imaging using interferometric data. One of her research interests is Space Weather applications with LOFAR, investigating real-time monitoring of solar radio bursts and ionospheric distortions. She was the Project Scientist for the ESA project, “Utilisation of LOFAR in SSA SWE Services”, studying possible LOFAR data products for the ESA Space Weather portal, and is now the Project Scientist for LOFAR4SW.

In PITHIA-NRF contributes in all WPs with an allocation of 10% of fulltime employment.