Relevant Projects

"TechTIDE: Warning and Mitigation Technologies for Travelling Ionospheric Disturbances Effects", European Commission Horizon 2020, COMPET-Space Weather, 2017-2020, Coordinator: Anna Belehaki 

TechTIDE aims to the design and test new viable TID impact mitigation strategies for the technologies affected and in close collaboration with operators of these technologies, to demonstrate the added value of the proposed mitigation techniques. TechTIDE consortium includes NOA (EL), DLR (DE), IAP (CZ), IRM/KMI (BE), OE (ES), BGD (BG), L-IAP (DE), UPC (ES), ESSP, SANSA (ZA), JFWCONSULT, FU (CY), GFP (DE). 

“COSTO: Swarm + coupling”, ESA EO funded prohect, for potential detection of tsunami signatures within LEO Swarm constellation measurements. COSTO consortium includes UWM (PL), UPC (ES), NOA (EL) and TUM (DE) 

"Net-TIDE: Pilot network for the identification of travelling ionospheric disturbances", (Science for Peace and Security NATO 984894), 2014 - 2017, Project Director: Anna Belehaki 

Net-TIDE project developed a warning system for real-time identification of TIDs using skywave Doppler frequency and angle-of-arrival measurements archived by Digisonde-to-Digisonde (D2D) experiments. Net-TIDE consortium includes NOA (EL), IAP (CZ), IRM/KMI (BE), OE(ES), UMASSq (US), L-IAP (DE).

"Space Weather Precursor Services Operations (SN-IV3) EuropeanIonosonde and Neutron Monitor Network", and the follow up ESA/SSA/SWE Expert Centers Coordination (SSA Phase 2), ESA - SpaceSituational Awareness Project, 2012 - 2020, Project Manager: AnnaBelehaki NOA participates in the network of Ionospheric Expert Service Center (IESC).

The mission of the I-ESC is to provide and develop the functionalities, capabilities and expertise in the domain of Ionosphere and upper Atmosphere that are needed within the ESA SSA SWE network to achieve as a collaborative enterprise its objectives. Presently, I-ESCnetwork is formed by: DLR (DE), IAP (CZ), GFZ (DE), ISS (RO), NMA(NO), UKMO (UK), SRC PAS (PL), NOA (EL), FMI (FI), UPC (ES),CLS/CNES (FR), ELTE (HU), UGOE/GAU (DE), STFC (UK), UoN(UK), DMU (UK), IRAP (FR), INGV (IT), SEREG/UoB (UK), UiO (NΟ) having as advisors Per Høeg, Jan Lastovicka and Marcio Aquino.

"ESPAS: Near-Earth Space Data Infrastructure for e-Science", European Commission FP7, Research Infrastructure Project, 2011-2015, Coordinator: Mike Hapgood, Scientific Manager: Anna Belehaki 

The ESPAS project aimed at supporting the homogenized access to data from the Earth’s magnetosphere through the collaboration of: STFC (UK), NKUA (EL), EISCAT (SE), DLR (DE), INGV (IT), JFWCONSULT, CNRS-IPAG (FR), ATHENA RC (EL), UOULOU (FI), UCL (UK), MO (UK), UοB (UK), IASB (BE), SRC PAS (PL), DTU (DK), UIT (NO), IL (FI), ULEIC (UK), GFZ (DE), ORB (BE), DHC (BE).

COST ES0803 action: "Developing Space Weather Products and Services in Europe", European Commission COST Office, 2008-2012, Chair of the Management Committee: Anna Belehaki 

COST Action ES0803 primarily aimed at forming an interdisciplinary network among European scientists dealing with different issues relevant to Geospace as well as warning system developers and operators in order to assess existing Space Weather products and recommend new ones. The network was mainly established from scientists from 24 COST countries: AT, BE, BG, CY, CZ, DK, FI, FR, DE, EL, HU, IE, IS, IT, NO, PL, RO, RS, SK, SI, ES, SE, CH, UK. 

"DIAS: European Digital Upper Atmosphere Server", European Commission eContent, 2004-2006, Coordinator: Anna Belehaki 

The project run to establish the DIAS system that operates to provide ionospheric monitoring, nowcasting and forecasting products and services for the European region based on real-time input from the European network of Digisondes/ionosondes. DIAS consortium was formed by NOA (EL), INGV (IT), CCLRC (UK), SRC PAS (PL), L-IAP (DE), INTA (ES), NKUA (EL).