MSc Themistocles Herekakis

Mr Herekakis graduated in 2003 from the Technological Educational Institution of Athens, with a degree in Electronic Engineering. In July 2010 he got a M.Sc. degree in "Advanced Informatics Computing Systems" at the University of Piraeus. Since 2004, Mr Herekakis has worked at IAASARS/NOA as Senior Expert in operational system design, software application development and implementation, having a full time professional experience in design and operational implementation of remote sensing related information systems and scientific modelling software. He has actively participated and coordinated the Software Development over numerous European Commission and European Space Agency Research Programmes (SST, EFFIS, Copernicus EMS, BEYOND, EVITA, LIVAS, TELEIOS, MASSIVE, TaD, GMES-SAFER, DIAS). His main interests involve Intelligent Technologies in Man Computer Communications, Software Development of automated procedures, oriented in the process of real-time and archived data, Integrated Web GIS applications and relational databases, to provide remote access and visualization facilities for value added products, and Analysis of High Spatial and Temporal Resolution Sensor data. He is coauthor of 10 publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals, 17 in conference proceedings, various scientific and technical reports. He was awarded for his significant contribution to the development of the FireHub EO based fire management service umbrella software with the Best Service Challenge at the Copernicus-Masters Competition 2014. He owns a patent (Hellenic Industrial Property Organization, 20150100061/ IPC G08B 17/00) for the FireHub Service Application. 

In PITHIA-NRF Themistocles will validate the registration of NOA data and products in the e-science center and will support users in the TNA projects implemented in NOA node.