Main tasks

The IRM/KMI team has extensive experience in the observation and modelling of the ionosphere using ionosonde data, and in the development of related services. Therefore, its tasks will mainly be related to these subjects.

In WP1 and WP2, the team will use its know how to help coordinate and optimize observation strategies and to train both partners and scientific end-users in the exploitation of scientific data (T1.4 and T2.2). This includes providing support to help potential future members to meet the requirements of the network. The team will also support the organisation of one of the Workshops on Optimization of Observing Strategies (M1.3) and training workshops (D2.1).

In WP3 the IRM/KMI team will lead task T3.5 on exploitation activities. This will involve the collection of user feedback and coordinating potential upgrades and improvements to the e-science center with the various partners.