Relevant Projects

CIGALA (Concept for Ionospheric-Scintillation Mitigation for Professional GNSS in Latin America) FP7-Transports-GALILEO 20102012.

RANSMIT (Training Research and Applications Network to Support the Mitigation of Ionospheric Threats) FP7-People-Initial Training Network, Marie Curie Action 2011-2015.

CALIBRA (Countering GNSS high Accuracy applications Limitations due to Ionospheric disturbances in BRAzil) FP7-GALILEO-2011-GSA-1a 2012-2014.

MImOSA (Monitoring the Ionosphere Over South America), ESA-Alcantara.  2012-2013.

AUSPICIO (Automatic Scaling of Polar Ionograms and Cooperative Ionospheric Observations) PNRA, 2014-2016.

SSA-P2-SWE-VI - SSCC "Operations and Enhancements", ESA, Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy, 2014-2015.

MImOSA2 (Monitoring the Ionosphere Over South America to support high precision applications), ESA-Alcantara 2015-2016.

MISW (Mitigation of space weather threats to GNSS services), FP7 Space 2012, 2014-2016.

IRIS (Ionospheric Research for Biomass in South America), ESA-Alcantara, 2016-2017.

"Space Weather Expert Service Centres: Definition and Development", ESA, DEUTSCHES ZENTRUM FUER LUFT - UNDRAUMFAHRT EV 2015-2019.

TREASURE (Training, REsearch and Applications network to Support the Ultimate Real time high accuracy EGNSS solution) Innovative Training Networks (ITN), H2020-MSCA-ITN-2016, 2017-2021.

VIP (Variability of Ionospheric Plasma) Swarm+ 4DIonosphere, AO/19660/19/I-DT–4DIonosphere, ESA, 2020-2021.