Dr Lucilla Alfonsi

Lucilla Alfonsi is Researcher at Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia (INGV). Her research deals with: upper atmosphere monitoring and study related to space weather applications, with particular focus on the investigation of ionospheric irregularities from ground based as well as from in situ measurements; Investigation of the long-term changes of the upper atmosphere on a planetary scale in the frame of Global Change studies; design and development of ionospheric scintillations models. She took part to two Antarctic and two Arctic scientific expeditions. She authored more than 70 papers and she acted as referee for several scientific journals. She is currently Associated Editor of the Journal of Space Weather and Space Climate and Topical Editor of Annals of Geophysics. She has been involved in several R&D projects funded by national and international agencies (ESA, FP7, H2020), often with leading roles. 

Lucilla Alfonsi is the INGV Team Coordinator in PITHIA-NRF project and will mainly contribute to WP3, with an allocation of 17% of full-time employment.