Main tasks

INGV will lead the WP2 ‘Training’ and will therefore coordinate the training for an efficient use of the PITHIA nodes addressed to the access providers, to the users and to stakeholders. INGV will contribute significantly also to WP4 ‘Innovation Platform’. INGV will run one of the PITHIA nodes (contributing to WP7) providing access to: ionosondes, GNSS TEC and scintillation monitors, All Sky Imager located in Europe, South America and Antarctica. INGV will also provide access to models and algorithms based on its data or on data publicly available. 

The INGV Team belongs to the Upper Atmosphere Physics and Radiopropagation Unit. The Unit manages the infrastructures of the INGV node and the facilities to access the related products. The Team is successfully involved in several ESA and EC projects addressed to the monitoring, study and modelling of the ionospheric irregularities impacting the communication and navigation systems.