Relevant Projects

"TechTIDE: Warning and Mitigation Technologies for Travelling Ionospheric Disturbances Effects", European Commission Horizon2020, COMPET-Space Weather, 2017-2020, Leader of WP3: D. Buresova.

“Investigating Lightning-generated ELF whistlers to improve ionospheric models - ILGEW”, European Space Agency (ESA) Tender for Swarm+ Coupling: High - Low Atmosphere Interactions“,  REF.: ESAAO/1-9514/18/NL/IA, Activity No. 1000023404 in the “ESA-Star” system, 2019-2020, Leader of WP 201 and 202: D. Buresova.

"Net-TIDE: Pilot network for the identification of travelling ionospheric disturbances", (Science for Peace and Security NATO 984894), 2014 - 2017, Leader of the Czech team: D. Buresova.

“Space Environment Support to NATO Space Situational Awareness”, NATO RTO-SCI-229-ET, 2011-2013, Representative of the Czech Republic” D. Buresova.

COST ES0803 action: "Developing Space Weather Products and Services in Europe", European Commission COST Office, 2008-2012, Leader of the WG1 SG 1.1. Task 4 “The mid-latitude ionosphere response to space weather phenomena”: D. Buresova.

“Investigation of magnetosphere-ionosphere-troposphere coupling for the purpose of ionospheric modelling and improvement of ionospheric forecasts”, bilateral project of the National Research Foundation (NRF) South Africa and the Science Foundation of the Czech Academy of Sciences, 2014-2015, Leader of the Czech team: D. Buresova.

"DIAS: European Digital Upper Atmosphere Server", European Commission eContent, 2004-2006, IAP contributed as data provider.