Dr Jaroslav Urbar

Dr J. Urbar graduated from Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Math. and Physics in general physics. In 2009 he was awarded MSc degree at LTU, IRV Kiruna, Sweden. In 2019 J. Urbar defended PhD theses entitled "Solar Wind Modification in the Earth Foreshock" at Charles University, Faculty of Math. and Physics, Dept. of Surface and Plasma Science. Since 2014 he is working at IAP (currently at the postdoc position) and his main research interests is space weather, instrumentation and programmatics, interaction of solar wind discontinuities with the geospace, cosmic rays physics, atmospheric measurements and models (an analysis of solar wind precursors of the specific ionospheric disturbances - CME/CIR, X-ray/EUV fluxes, and dynamics of the upper atmosphere, digisonde and GNSS TEC data analysis, empirical modelling, synthetic ionospheric generator for ESA - Generative Artificial Intelligence). Dr Urbar is ESA Space Situational Awareness national delegate, Odysseus H2020 project manager, science and education programme consultant, contributes/contributed to collaboration projects with space agencies, institutes and companies, International Astronautical Congress organisation, public outreach (TV, radio, web and printed journal articles).

In PITHIA-NRF Dr J. Urbar will support the operations in the IAP node for the TNA activities and will contribute in WP2 and WP3 with an allocation of 20% of full-time employment.