Main tasks brings its experience and leading role of EOSC into the consortium, as well as provides a cloud-based JupyterHub service to support the PITHIA e-science centre. will lead WP1, and support the project in defining interoperability standards among the participating facilities, and with the broader landscape, including EOSC. The work will also cover designing sustainable services and activities that will last beyond the project. 

In WP2 will provide training on the FitSM IT management standard for the consortium. The training will help scientific facilities professionally manage their services, with a customer-focus. 

In WP3 will contribute to the project communication and dissemination activities, using the EGI channels to reach scientific communities and national e-infrastructures in various domains and regions. will contribute to WP4 to the software standards definition, bringing in expertise from its national e-infrastructures and from EOSC. 

In WP5 will federate cloud resources from its network of providers based on the RI requirements, will deliver this cloud as well as a cloud-based ‘EGI Notebooks’ service (an EOSC-compliant JupyterHub instance) that enables the e-science centre to offer a scalable and customisable Web environment for writing workflows, exchanging workflows, accessing, analysis and sharing of data.