Relevant Projects

“PECASUS: Pan-European Consortium for Aviation Space Weather User Services”, ICAO, 2018-2021. 

“IMPC: Ionosphere Monitoring and Prediction Center”, DLR, Research Infrastructure Project, 2011-today. 

"TechTIDE: Warning and Mitigation Technologies for Travelling Ionospheric Disturbances Effects", European Commission Horizon 2020, COMPET-Space Weather, 2017-2020, Coordinator: Anna Belehaki. 

"ESPAS: Near-Earth Space Data Infrastructure for e-Science"European Commission FP7, Research Infrastructure Project, 2011-2015, Coordinator: Mike Hapgood, Scientific Manager: Anna Belehaki. 

“SWACI”: Space Weather Application Center Ionosphere, State govt. funding, Research Infrastructure Project, 2007-2011.