Martin Kriegel

Martin Kriegel received his Master of Engineering in Geoinformatics and Geodesy from the University of Applied Sciences Neubrandenburg. Since 2013 he is working as scientist at DLR. His field of expertise is real time GNSS processing as well as monitoring and prediction of ionospheric disturbances and related effects. He is the leading software engineer for the Ionosphere Monitoring and Prediction Center (IMPC). He was/is involved in the following projects: SWACI (Space Weather Application Center - Ionosphere), EU FP7 ESPAS (near earth space data infrastructure for e-science), MONITOR_2 respectively MONITOR extension (MONitoring of the Ionosphere by innovative Techniques, coordinated Observations and Resources), ESA SSA P2 (Space Weather Service System), ESA SSA P3-SWE-V (P3-SWE-110), PECASUS (Pan European Consortium for Aviation Space Weather User Services) Mr. Kriegel is responsible for operation of the high rate GNSS receiver (>= 50 Hz) network and provision of the data in PITHIA-NRF. 

Furthermore he contributes with ionospheric scintillation monitoring and research with an allocation of 15% of full-time employment.