Dr Jens Berdermann

Jens Berdermann is head of the department Space Weather Impact at the Institute for Solar-Terrestrial Physics. He received a Ph.D. on Astro-Particle Physics in 2007 from the University of Rostock and immediately after, joined DESY as postdoc. In 2011 he started his career at DLR. Since 2013 he led the working group of ionospheric effects and correction at the DLR institute for navigation and communication till 2019. He was/is involved as project lead for the DLR contributions in several national as well as ESA and EU projects ( e.g. EU FP7 AFFECTS, EU FP7 ESPAS, IMPC, ESA P2-SWE-I, ESA P3-SWE-V (ESA) SSA - Expert Service Center Ionosphere, SIROM (DFG), 3DiTEC (ESA), DRIVAR (DFG), Advantage (HGF), P2-SWE-XII (ESA), IMPC - Ionosphere Monitoring and Prediction Center (DLR), SWACI - Space Weather Application Center Ionosphere (DLR), RFP-ESTM (ESA), TRANSMIT (EU-FP7), P2-SWE-XVI (ESA), AFFECTS (EU-FP7), NoNewiC (ESA), MAP (HGF)). His field of expertise is ionospheric research with focus on monitoring, characterization and modelling of ionospheric disturbances, Space Weather and its impact on ground and space based infrastructures, systems and services as well as scintillations on GNSS signals driven by ionospheric disturbances in the polar and equatorial region. He has published over 50 scientific papers in refereed journals (h-index: 40) and has presented numerous talks at national and international meetings. He is national representative in the UN-COPUOS Space Weather Expert Group and in the WMO Inter-Programme Team on Space Weather Information Systems and Services (IPT-SWISS). Furthermore he is chair of the Working Group on Ionosphere Scintillation within the IAG SubCommission 4.3 Atmosphere Remote Sensing.

Jens Berderman is the coordinator of the research tasks organized in the PITHIA DLR Neustrelitz node with an allocation of 10% of full-time employment.