Dr Daniela Banys

Daniela Banys received her PhD at the University of Kiel in 2018. Since 2018 she is working as scientist at DLR. Her field of expertise is Solar flare monitoring and analysis of the ionospheric response, analysis of the flare impact on HF communication and GNSS performances and Spectral analyses to study radiation impacts on the lower ionosphere. She is national representative of the International Space Weather Initiative (ISWI) and chair of the commission "Near-Earth Space" in the AEF consortium (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Extraterrestrische Forschung e.V.). She has contributed to ESA’s SSA project P2-SWE-I. 

Daniela Banys is responsible for the operation of the GIFDS network and the provision of data in PITHIA-NRF. Furthermore she contributes with Solar Flare monitoring and research with an allocation of 15% of fulltime employment.