Dr Ingemar Häggström

Head of Operations and Senior Scientist at EISCAT Headquarters. He is responsible for EISCAT operations and scheduling, as well as the EISCAT data analysis and archiving of the data in the database. His science interests cover a wide range of atmospheric radar studies and he is collaborating with a multitude of EISCAT users in different countries. He is also involved in coordinating the World Day program of the incoherent scatter radars all over the world and has included the EISCAT data in the upper atmospheric science database Madrigal that is used by environmental researchers throughout the world. He is leading the EISCAT_3D Competence Centre in the EOSC-hub project and is taking an active role in the ENVRI-FAIR project. He is member of reference Group of European Data Experts (GEDE) and of the Board of European Environmental Research Infrastructures (BEERi).