Relevant Projects

Development of DTM models since 2000: DTM2000, DTM2009, DTM2013, DTM-Mars. The models are developed and maintained by CNES. 

ESA ITTcontracts:
GOCE density derivation (2014-2015; responsible for the final validation of the density and wind products), and GOCE reentry (2016; analysis of last 3 weeks of the mission, and model evaluation for entire mission).

P2-SWE-II: ESA-funded project to provide near real time thermospheric forecasts (run at Met Office, using DTM model supplied by CNES and notably solar indices supplied by CNES/CLS).

ATMOP (7th framework project): WP leader, development of new thermosphere model DTM2013, using all available high-resolution accelerometer inferred densities from CHAMP, GRACE and GOCE as well as a new solar proxy F30. 

SWAMI (Horizon 2020): WP leader, development of Semi-empirical Whole Atmosphere Model and the development of a model package that is ready for operational use (MCM).