Dr.ir. Johan De Keyser

Johan De Keyser is a senior scientist at IASB-BIRA and Head of the Space Physics department. He obtained his PhD in engineering (computer science, numerical analysis and applied mathematics) from the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in 1994 in the field of parallel scientific computing. He currently is Co-Iof the WHISPER instrument on the ESA/Cluster mission, Co-I on the ROSINA. DFMS mass spectrometer on ESA/ROSETTA, PI of the SLP Langmuir Probe on the PICASSO CubeSat mission, and co-PI of the CSW solar wind spectrometer for the proposed THOR mission. His interests focus on the physics of the outer magnetosphere, magnetosphere-ionosphere coupling, aurora, comets, collisionless plasmaphysics phenomena, multi-spacecraft data analysis techniques, and space plasma instruments. Together with F. Darrouzet and V. Pierrard, he is co-editor of a book dedicated to the recent progress on the plasmasphere with Cluster and IMAGE observations. He has published about 100 refereed papers and has contributed more than 300 presentations and posters to international scientific conferences.

J. De Keyser will participate to the PITHIA-NRF project for BIRA-IASB with an allocation of 5% of full-time employment.