Dr Fabien Darrouzet

Fabien Darrouzet is a scientist and works at BIRA-IASB since 1998. He is Head of the Magnetosphere Group. He has obtained his PhD in Physics in 2006 at University of Orléans in France on multipoint analysis of data in the Earth magnetosphere from the ESA/Cluster mission. He has worked on data analysis for more than 20 years, mainly with Cluster data, but also with other space missions (Van Allen Probes, IMAGE, Viking, Dynamic Explorer-1 and Interball). He is Co-I of the WHISPER instrument on the Cluster satellites. His main research topic is the Earth’s plasmasphere. In particular, he has made several studies on plasmaspheric plumes, concerning their structure, motion, characteristics, and occurrences. He is also involved in ground-based measurements of whistler waves, in order to derive information about the plasmasphere. Two VLF antennas have been installed, one in Belgium in 2011 and a second one in Antarctica in 2016 and both are parts of the AWDA network. He is co-editor with V. Pierrard and J. De Keyser of a book dedicated to the progress on the Plasmasphere with Cluster and IMAGE observations. He has published more than 40 refereed papers and participated in more than 150 presentations in scientific conferences.

Fabien Darrouzet will participate to the PITHIA-NRF project for BIRA-IASB with an allocation of 10% of full-time employment.