Dr Edith Botek

Edith Botek is a scientist working at BIRA-IASB since 2012 and is presently working on the plasmasphere model and Van Allen Probe observations of the plasmasphere and of the radiation belts. She is specialist in computational modelling applied to different domains of science, such as space physics, chemistry and physics of the atmosphere and quantum mechanical properties of molecular systems. She has computing skills in the domain of scripts automation and data manipulation. She has published a hundred of refereed papers and participated in more than 45 scientific conferences as organizer, lecturer and with posters. She has worked for two years as scientific and technical support in the space weather group at BIRAIASB. At present, she performs research at the solar wind group in subjects related to modelling of plasmasphere, radiation environment and radiation damage produced in astronauts.

E. Botek will be paid 100% full-time by the PITHIA-NRF project for BIRA-IASB.