Postdoc position in ionospheric studies using radio astronomical data at ASTRON

ASTRON issued a call for application with regards to a postdoc position in ionospheric studies using radio astronomical data.

The selected candidate will perform independent research on ionospheric data obtained with the LOFAR radiotelescope.

The LOFAR radio telescope, although primarily designed for radio astronomical research, provides a vast amount of ionospheric information on short timescales and on small to medium spatial scales. Van de The behaviour of the ionosphere holds many open questions, and LOFAR can be transformative in our understanding of this. More research is needed to fully understand the wealth of information that can be obtained, utilizing various techniques as well as performing statistical analysis. Through LOFAR, as a supplier of ionospheric data, ASTRON is part of the Pithia-NRF consortium, a H2020 funded consortium that brings together many European institutes involved in research of the thermo- plasma- and ionosphere. As a postdoctoral researcher at ASTRON the selected candidate will be working on ionospheric data analysis in this international environment.

All the details about this vacancy, including job requirements, employment conditions and application process, can be found here.

The deadline for the application is June 15th 2022.