Final demo session of LOFAR4SW

The LOFAR4SW project is getting closer to its official ending in February 2022. The main goal of the project, implemented under Horizon 2020 as a design study, was to develop an upgrade to the existing LOFAR infrastructure so that it would be possible to use the instrument's capabilities for space weather purposes.  In the frame of the project, the team prepared a conceptual and technical study that included the definition of scientific use cases, software development, and the design and building of prototype hardware components for dual-beam HBA antenna.

On 14 February 2022 the Project team is organising online the Final Demo Session (

The aim of the meeting is to present the outcomes of the LOFAR4SW project to a wider audience before the official ending. The final meeting will focus on highlighting new opportunities that a fully implemented LOFAR4SW infrastructure can open up in the context of space weather. The possibilities of future implementation of the developed solutions will also be discussed.

Participation in the meeting is possible for invited users and also to a limited number (based on first come first served) of interested community members who will apply for participation by filling out the registration form on the event website.