COSPAR-22-C1.2 Scientific Event

The COSPAR-22-C1.2 Scientific Event entitled “Conditions of Enhanced Risk for the Ionospheric Weather” will take place in the coming July 2022 in Athens, Greece during COSPAR 2022 44th Scientific Assembly ( ). 

Abstract submission deadline: 11 February 2022

Organizers: Anna Belehaki and Tamara Gulyaeva

Session description: Ionosphere and plasmasphere present very complicated, time and space varying, inhomogeneous, temporally and spatially dispersive environment. The ionosphere varies under the influence of solar, interplanetary, geomagnetic, gravitational, atmospheric and seismic activities. Since the beginning of 20th century, scientists have tried to infer information about this ever changing and challenging structure. With the development of earth and space based sophisticated measurement devices such as sounders and satellites, scientists and engineers have started to observe the complicated nature of the surrounding system. The risks due to space weather may originate from solar and interplanetary environment in the form the geomagnetic and ionospheric storms, or they may originate due to variability in earth's crust in the form of earthquakes, volcanoes or tsunamis. The goal of the proposed session is to bring geophysicists, geodesists, electrical and electronics engineers, ionospheric and atmospheric physicists, meteorologists, environmental engineers, seismologists, and space weather observers under one special roof so that a platform might be generated to share information and observation to determine conditions of enhanced risk for the ionospheric weather.