URSI 2023 General Assembly and Scientific Symposium: Call for papers

The call for papers of the URSI 2023 General Assembly and Scientific Symposium (Sapporo, 19-26 August, 2023) is now open. 

The latest project achievements and/or review papers will be submitted to session G16 - The crucial role of integrated research infrastructures for monitoring and modelling the upper atmosphere:

The knowledge of the upper atmosphere and plasmasphere physics is significantly advancing thanks to the adoption of multi-instrumental approaches that combine information acquired by scientific, commercial and military instruments (LEO and MEO constellations, HF systems, GNSS receivers, Optical cameras, etc.) and devices of common use (smartphones). In this context there is an urgent need to establish common frameworks to provide integrated access points to the different type of users, from scientific community to service providers.

PITHIA-NRF (Plasmasphere Ionosphere Thermosphere Integrated Research Environment and Access services: a Network of Research Facilities) is a project funded by the European Commission aiming at integrating existing infrastructures for monitoring the thermosphere, the ionosphere and the plasmasphere using assets in Europe and beyond. PITHIA-NRF offers a common platform to retrieve data and models to advance the current understanding of the upper atmosphere and plasmasphere physics and, at the same time, offers to several stakeholders access to several key observing facilities and to relevant information, to support innovative applications, from space weather purposes to satellite instrumentations test and calibration. PITHIA-NRF is an example of how the integration of available research facilities can support scientific developments and the related applications, establishing also a common platform for a concrete and fruitful interaction among different communities that are not used to collaborate.

This session welcomes contributions dealing with the importance of the research infrastructures to boost the scientific understanding of the upper atmosphere and of the plasmasphere and the interaction with stakeholders (coming from private and public sectors) willing to improve or to set up related applications. The session welcomes also papers describing efforts already in place or at design level to establish new research infrastructures.

Please visit the conference website https://www.ursi-gass2023.jp/ and submit your abstract to G16 session by 25 January 2023.