The 2nd Training for Partners Workshop was organised on 28&29 March 2022 with the participation of 53 members from the PITHIA-NRF beneficiaries and third parties.

The TPW#2 focused on the familiarization of the partners with the data model and ontology, the registration of data in the e-Science Centre and the preparation of the scientific models for registration in the e-Science Centre.

Selected courses are available in the form of webinars:

"The e-Science (i): first prototype and architecture" (presenter: Tamas Kiss, UOW)
"The e-Science (ii): data structure and metadata" (presenter: Ivan Galkin, BGD)
"Guidelines for the preparation of models" (presenter: Tamas Kiss, UOW)
"General intro and plans for sustainability" (presenter: Yin Chen, EGI Foundation)